I am a digital consultant for Healthcare Professionals.

What I Do

What I do

I work with Founders and Directors of Aesthetics and/or Cosmetic Surgery Businesses, to drive increased results from Digital Marketing.



I carry out in-depth reviews of your existing marketing strategy, or create one from scratch, and uncover new opportunities for growth.  I am literally writing the book on how this is done.



I can train you and your teams and speak at your events to drive community growth and marketing innovation. I can impart growth hacks that you can implement yourselves too.



I work with stressed founders or Directors to provide vital guidance, experience, connections, strategic direction and perspective in the field of Digital/Social.



In some cases I can also manage your agency(ies) and ensure strategy and KPIs are met. Striving for ROI on your behalf.

How I do it







Fun Facts

24 Countries Visited

72 Articles Published

2 Kids. 1 Boy, 1 Girl

12 Awards Won

Who I Am


In case you’re wondering, who IS this guy to tell us how to do digital in the aesthetics market, and if you have trouble sleeping, then read on for a bit of background and a potted history….
Basic Info:
Born: 1977
Married to an incredible Cyclist who works with British Cycling. 2 kids. Boy of 11, Girl of 9.
Interests outside of business: Music, Martial Arts, Cycling & Tanks.
5’11”, 96kg.
I’ve worked with graphics, marketing, and web development since the mid to late 90s. I built my first website in 1994. Back then we didn’t even have email addresses really, we used to use Mailing Groups. You’d leave a message in there, then a day or two late you’d check back to see if someone had replied!
I’m from Brighton originally, and went to a fairly average (sometimes a bit rough) School, which is now a housing estate. I struggled to focus on my passion for design, because my DT teacher was an alcoholic, and the rest of my class were usually smoking pot and listening to rave music in the class. However, I scraped through and begged to join a Sixth-Form College to do A-Level Design, Photography, History and English. After an interview to see my design work, they let me in. I got a decent grade, but not enough to go straight to University, so I had to go and do a National Diploma/Foundation to get enough UCAS points. I got 98%, highest mark in the country, and went on to get a place at Southampton University studying Product Design & Marketing. I got a 2:1, and was also awarded Student Designer of the Year by the RSA, and made an honorary RSA fellow (and still am to this day, which includes being able to add the letters “FRSA” after my name). I travelled and worked across the USA for 6 months, working for design agencies in Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, and New York. I was in New York when the Twin Towers were attacked, just a few blocks away, and saw the 2nd plane go in with my own eyes. Something I will never forget.
I freelance’d for a while, working for people like the Gadget Shop etc. Then took a job for an IT company as their Senior Design & Marketing person. After a year or so I moved to London and started a business with another chap called Tom which we called The Big Picture Company. We were using graphics to help huge companies explain complex things. It went pretty well. We ended up with an office on the Strand, with 20 consultants and designers working for us, and we were creating these “big pictures” for most of the FTSE 100 and Government agencies. We sold the business in 2008 to a Marketing Group.
The birth of LTF!
I then formed my own digital agency, which I gave the same name as I’d always used for my freelance work since the 90s, “look, touch & feel” (LTF). It was a name that started as a joke, as it’s what my product design lecturer always used to say… “Don’t forget the look, the touch and the feel”. LTF is now 11 years old, and is based at Silverstone Race Circuit. I have a talented team that look after it, and we offer all sorts of digital support – web design & development, automation, digital marketing, social media content etc.
We’ve done a lot of stuff, such us:
  • Over 500 businesses served
  • Over 100 digital marketing campaigns delivered
  • 201,956 Subscribers managed for clients
  • 4,120,540 Individual Emails delivered for client campaigns
  • Projects delivered in 24 countries
  • Content created in 15 languages
  • Over 1,000 websites designed
  • Over 14,000,000 lines of code written
  • Over 1.2 Billion visits to our client’s websites
  • 300% average ROI for clients
  • Over 80,000 pieces of social media content posted for clients
My experience in Aesthetics:
For 10 of the 11 years that LTF has been going, we’ve worked with Plastic Surgeons and Aesthetic Clinics/Practitioners to grow their practises through Digital.
Here are some of the things I’ve personally delivered over that time…
  • Delivered £1.2M of procedures to a private hospital in Chesterfield from a single Facebook Campaign
  • Wrote and implemented the ongoing Social Media strategy for Consultant Plastic Surgeon in Birmingham, driving growth and filling clinics for 9 years in a row
  • Created a high-end social media / influencer campaign for an exclusive Cosmetic clinic in Kensington
  • Previously in partnership with Allergan – with Allergan referring me to their clients for Social Media and Digital Marketing support.
  • Delivered workshops for Medical/Cosmetic practices on Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • Written content on Social Media and Digital Marketing for Medical/Aesthetic businesses
LTF now focuses heavily on the Aesthetics market, with a new dedicated website offering digital support – https://aestheticsmarketing.co
Whilst LTF continues to roll along doing it’s thing, I have recently been asked to do some consulting for Allergan, implementing their Social Media Strategy and helping to roll it out across the World, and producing and writing all the content for Juvederm and CoolSculpting in the UK.
I’ve also joined forces with Richard Crawford-Small to help take the The Aesthetic Entrepreneurs global, and offer a whole new world of Digital support for you guys too.
So that’s me, just so you know who you’re dealing with and why I might be a useful guy to have guiding you 🙂


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You are fantastic at Aesthetics, and already have more than enough on your plate figuring out how to run a clinic, provide an amazing service to your clients, and everything else that comes with it. Finding the time to not only understand, but also implement, everything to do with marketing your business online, is near-on impossible with all the other time pressures on you.

Complete the form below to join, for just £19.99 per month!  (JOIN HERE)

My commitment to you all is that I will…

1) Show up

2) Respond

3) Provide best practice guidance and support based on my 20 years experience

4) Develop amazing training, products and services

I’ve got over 20 years experience in digital marketing, 11 years experience in the Aesthetics and Cosmetic market, and am now your personal digital advisor for the life-span of your aesthetics business.

The topics we will cover in this group will include:

  • Creating amazing websites that convert visitors into clients
  • Making sure you own Google in your local area
  • Becoming an absolute BOSS on Social Media to grow your audience and generate leads
  • Using Pay Per Click ads to grow your business
  • Using Email Marketing to retain and re-engage past clients
  • Automating processes to save you £££ and time
  • Dealing with agencies or freelancers for digital services
  • Dealing with all the awkward tech issues that come with all of the above



Book a Coaching Call

In order to help you, I’ll first need to spend an hour with you assessing your digital marketing as it stands today, and understanding your objectives.

This is done during a 1 hour coaching call, which can be booked and paid for below.